By Ted Dekker
With Bill Bright

Book Review

Calling on all deep thinkers! This book is unique and one of Dekker’s best. The story revolves around a young orphan, Caleb, who was abandoned by his parents. He’s subsequently taken in and raised by an Ethiopian monastery. Caleb, never having gone beyond the monastery walls, has been completely sheltered from the world. He’s never known violence or cruelty, only peace and kindness. But this sweet bliss can’t last long—powerful people want him eliminated and he must flee or die. His enemies know something about Caleb that could change the world, and if they can’t have him, they’ll make sure no one else does.

A relief expert, Jason Marker, along with a French-Canadian nurse, Leiah, work together to rescue Caleb from the monastery. They know if this child gets into the wrong hands, he’ll be subjected to cruel experiments on a physical and psychological level. When Jason and Leiah go in to extract Caleb from his life-long home, exciting twists and turns begin to take place. They are hunted down by unknown enemies, powerful people who want to capitalize from something Caleb possesses—the supernatural ability to heal. As Caleb and his two rescuers flee, they must escape an expert militia, but just as they see no way out, spectacular events begin to happen. Jason and Leiah realize Caleb’s abilities extend much further than anyone had guessed; his pure, untainted faith in God moves events in ways that surpass all scientific explanation. The world isn’t ready for someone like Caleb, nor is he ready for them. He’s special, and his enemies know it.

On a personal level, I wasn’t the same after reading this book; my faith became challenged as never before. Armed with my Bible, I was determined to answer the question: How much of what happens in my life is because of faith or the lack of it? I’m still working on the answers!

If you pick up this book, be prepared to be challenged. It’s almost impossible to read this story without a new awareness of miracles, or a personal desire to explore the possibilities.